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First name: Hatsumi

Japanese woman seeking marriage

Client 62530129

Born: 1978

Nationality: Japanese

Country of residence: Japan

When did you start living there?: 1978

Height: 153 cm


Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Marital status: Single

Occupation: Desk worker

How long at present occupation? 2005

Education: Graduated University

Languages: Japanese, English (Basic level)

Religion: No

Hobbies/Interests: My hobbies are hiking, reading, cooking, walk around historic site and travel. Especially, I like travel to enjoy nature and history and to taste local food.

Do you want children someday? Yes

Do you already have children? No

Do you smoke? No

How would you describe your personality? I am a sunny disposition, open mind, honest, gentle and serious and little bit shy. My friends say that I sometimes heal them.

What is most important to you? I think always honesty, trust and treasure family. And also, I treasure future partner and his parent and his brother and sister.

What countries have you been to? America, France

Is there anything about you that your future partner would want to know before becoming involved with you? I think I migrate from Japan to future partner’s native country. If future partner want to live in Japan, I live in Japan, too.

What are your hopes and plans for the future? I want to marry and if possible I want to have children. I want to make a good family.

What message would you like to send to your future spouse? Let’s share a happy life with me.

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